Two years ago we bought a lounge set at Outdoor lifestyle, a big investment but still every time we sit on the sofas we say to each other, “best investment of our house”! The set lies and sits so nicely, is easy to clean, can be left in the rain and is really beautiful to look at. Last spring we bought another section and so the lounge sofa can still be expanded.

Fam. K from Heemstede

Exclusive garden furniture for home and abroad? Look no further!

Exclusive garden furniture for home and abroad? Look no further!

Anyone who owns a beautiful vacation home in Curaçao, Spain, Italy or France, for example, knows that garden furniture is indispensable. In fact, most of the day is lived outside. Enjoying swimming in the pool, walking on the beach and eating sumptuously in the sun are daily activities. It is then ideal to have a high-quality garden set that requires little maintenance, so you can enjoy it and not worry about its preservation.

Highest quality garden furniture

Nothing is as changeable as the weather. People often think that this is only the case in the Netherlands, but in a warm country like Curaçao, this is also sometimes the case. One moment you are sitting with a delicious glass of wine enjoying the sun and the next moment it is suddenly pouring down. If you have a garden set at your vacation home, you don’t want to have to constantly monitor the weather. Nothing is more annoying than constantly worrying that too much sun or rain will destroy your garden furniture. How nice then to have an all-weather lounge set!

Does it rain for days at a stretch? That’s not a problem. This is because the lounge sets are made of aluminum frames and these frames are extremely strong. In fact, unlike frames made of wood or plywood, these never rust or rot due to heavy rain.

You don’t have to worry about the cushions, either. These are made of Sunbrella fabric making them water repellent. So you won’t have to deal with wet cushions after a rain shower and, in addition, it won’t be a problem if you spill a drink or food.

The cushions contain Quick Dry-Foam inside. This is foam that does not hold the water, but rather allows it to flow through. Also, the fabric ventilates itself and is treated so that mold has no chance to grow.

Are you not bothered by rain but rather a lot of sun? That, too, is settled. In fact, the cushions of the garden furniture are made of Sunbrella fabric, and because the colors are deeply rooted in the Sunbrella fibers, the fabric does not fade.

Your personally composed garden set

Not every garden set is the right shape and size to fit in your garden or on your cottage patio. With us, you can design your garden furniture all by yourself. Thanks to a unique modular system, our lounge sets can be put together completely according to your wishes. You can purchase each of the modules separately, which gives you very many options.

In addition, you can choose from as many as 300 different prints and colors of Sunbrella with us. Because of this wide range of variations and options, you will almost always have a unique garden set that is just right for you in terms of style.

Global delivery

Not sure where to buy garden furniture in Spain or Ibiza, for example? At Outdoor Lifestyle, you can have your garden set delivered worldwide in a short period of time.

Our garden furniture is designed and produced in the Netherlands which allows us to guarantee quality and most importantly, fast delivery. When the design is completely to your liking, we can deliver your garden furniture within two weeks. Then we will make sure that your garden set is in your home as soon as possible.

Because our garden furniture is custom-made products, we cannot quote prices. We are happy to put together a customized quote for you, though. So make an appointment soon or visit our showroom. Would you prefer us to come to your home? That too is not a problem. Together we will put together your garden set until it is completely to your liking!

Durable garden furniture

Durable garden furniture

Sustainability is an increasingly important concept, including when choosing garden furniture. People want to make more conscious choices as awareness that the earth is not inexhaustible grows more and more. Fortunately, there are very many options today when you want to purchase a durable garden set. Wondering what to look out for? Then read on quickly.

Aluminum durable? Yes definitely!

First, you can look at the material the frame is made of. So you have variants made of wood, bamboo, metal, aluminum and plastic. Metal and plastic generally last a long time. Because of this, you may think that these materials are durable. However, the environmental impact is in the digging for ore from which metal is extracted. This takes a lot of energy and also releases a lot of harmful substances in the process. Wood and bamboo are already better options in this case. In fact, the extraction of these raw materials is less harmful. However, the chance of rotting is very high. Therefore, you should treat the wood regularly. This maintenance often consists of a coat of varnish, stain or oil. However, this contains many chemical solvents that are very harmful to the environment. Aluminum, on the other hand, is material that is very durable. The raw material extraction is much less harmful than metal, and it is also enormously recyclable. Only a small percentage of used aluminum cannot be reused. Also, aluminum requires little maintenance, especially compared to wood and bamboo. Wood often needs to be treated, covered or put inside in the winter. Aluminum can simply be left outside, does not require treatment and lasts for years.

Sunbrella fabric

Second, it is good to look at the upholstery. Commonly used fabrics discolor, get dirty and need to be replaced quickly. It is a waste if you have to buy a new garden set after only a few years. Sunbrella fabric is therefore a very good choice. This fabric lasts longer than traditional fabrics. The production of the fibers, yarns and fabrics involves reusing as much as possible, reducing waste that can affect the environment. In addition, Sunbrella fabric does not fade so its color and strength are retained for a long time. This reduces the need to replace the garden furniture which also contributes to the environment.

Do you want a green garden set?

Have you become enthusiastic and would like to purchase a durable garden set? Then take a look at Outdoor Lifestyle. We sell durable garden furniture with strong aluminum frames. The upholstery is made of Sunbrella fabric and you can choose from as many as 300 different prints and colors with us. In addition, you can assemble your garden furniture completely to your own taste thanks to a unique modular system. You can purchase the modules one at a time, giving you very many options.

Want to know what options are available to you at Outdoor Lifestyle? Then make an appointment soon or visit our showroom. We will look at your needs together and we will create a customized quote.


Exclusive garden furniture for home and abroad? Look no further!

Sunbrella cushions for outdoor use

Do you have a lounge set in your garden or are you looking for a new one? Then you will find that a number of factors are important. The lounge set should look beautiful, be easy to maintain and preferably last a long time. This applies not only to the lounge set itself, but also definitely to the cushions. Choosing Sunbrella cushions, then, is a smart move. Wondering why? Read it here!

What are the benefits of Sunbrella cushions?

The Sunbrella brand was started in the 1960s with the goal of designing and producing fabrics that are both functional and beautiful. The fabric must be suitable for both indoors and outdoors, and outdoors in particular can sometimes be tricky. The change of weather can quickly deteriorate the cushions and often you need to store garden cushions indoors and maintain them properly.

If you choose Sunbrella cushions, there are a number of advantages:
– The cushions are water and dirt resistant
– The cushions do not discolor due to UV rays
– The cushions are easy to maintain
– Cushions may
Quick Dry Foam

What colors of Sunbrella cushions are available?

Once you have found a lounge set that suits you, it is often a chore to find nice cushions to go with it. Because fabric for outdoor cushions must meet many requirements, there are often few colors and designs left. Fortunately, this is not the case with our Sunbrella cushions! In fact, at Outdoor Lifestyle, you can choose from more than 300 different prints and colors. In this way, there is something for everyone! Curious about the 300 Sunbrella samples?

Sunbrella cushions Sunbrella cushions Cushions Sunbrella

How do I maintain the Sunbrella cushions?

Sunbrella fabric for outdoor cushions is water- and dirt-repellent, as mentioned earlier. This allows you to easily wipe away wine stains and does not cause rot or mold. Maintenance does matter, but fortunately this is very simple. You can clean most stains by hand. Using a soft brush and clean water makes this easy. For stains that are more stubborn, you can even use bleach or chlorine. Sunbrella cushions are treated so that they are not affected by this. There is also the option of cleaning the cushions in the washing machine. Do this with cold water (around 30°) and on the fine wash setting.

Once the Sunbrella cushions are freshly washed, you can let them dry outdoors. The Quick Dry Foam makes the cushions dry quickly, and if you want, you can also iron the fabric of the outdoor cushions. When doing this, be sure to do it on a setting that is not too hot.

Where can I buy Sunbrella cushions?

Have you become enthusiastic about Sunbrella cushions? See a beautiful design, but want to see and feel the fabric beforehand? Come to Outdoor Lifestyle in the showroom or make an appointment at your home. We can advise you and choose the perfect garden cushions together.

Durable garden furniture

Waterproof fabric vs Water-permeable fabric

When you are looking for a lounge set, the quality of the upholstery plays a big role. Some lounge sets can be outside year-round. Others, on the contrary, cannot withstand any type of weather and have to go inside when it rains. As for upholstery, there is often a choice between waterproof and water-permeable fabric. Two types of fabrics that are very similar in name, yet have their own advantages and disadvantages. Are you curious about the difference between these substances? Then quickly read this blog.

Waterproof fabric

A fabric is considered waterproof when it is completely resistant to water. So this means that no more water can penetrate the material. The fact that the fabric is waterproof has both advantages and disadvantages.


– It is the ideal fabric for awnings, parasols and for on boats


– It almost never happens that a fabric is completely waterproof, through the seams water runs in
– Waterproof fabric feels sweaty making your skin sticky when it’s hot
– The fabric is often made of plastic which looks cheap
– Waterproof fabrics are difficult to clean, increasing the likelihood of moldiness
Puddles of water remain on the sofa because it cannot drain away
– After some time, algae formation may occur

Permeable fabric

We speak of a permeable fabric when the fabric does not repel water, does not retain water, but rather allows it to run directly through it. A water-permeable fabric is the choice if you choose an all-weather lounge set. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this substance as well.


– The fabric ventilates itself making it dry quickly
– Dirt or stains can be easily removed
– There is no chance of rotting or mold due to water running through it
– The fabric can be left outside all year round
– Fabrics, if of good quality, are colorfast
– Permeable fabrics often have a longer warranty


– Water-permeable fabric only works if the cushions
Quick Dry Foam
– Fabrics that are permeable to water are often more expensive

What is the best option for lounge sets?

All in all, it’s hard to say which option is best. It depends entirely on your needs. Are you looking for inexpensive upholstery and don’t mind that the cushions are not all-weather? Then choose waterproof fabric.

Do you want high-quality fabric that is easy to clean and can be left outside all year round? Then choose permeable fabric. At Outdoor Lifestyle we also use permeable Sunbrella fabrics in combination with Quick Dry Foam. This makes dirt and stains easy to wipe away, and after a rain shower, your cushions are dry again quickly. In addition, the foam prevents water from staying in the cushions, so there is no chance of mold. Want to learn more about our Sunbrella fabrics? Or are you curious about all the colors? Then contact us.

water-repellent-fabric Front-outdoor waterproof fabric

Exclusive garden furniture for home and abroad? Look no further!

All about Sunbrella lounge sets

A lounge set in the garden is virtually indispensable today. There’s nothing like a cold drink in hand while relaxing on a beautiful, comfortable lounge set. Nowadays there are several variants in the field of lounge sets and in this blog we will cover the Sunbrella lounge set. Wondering what the pros and cons are? We are happy to tell you!

What is a Sunbrella lounge set?

A Sunbrella lounge set is a lounge set upholstered in Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is a brand that designs fabrics suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The cushions are weatherproof, but look as beautiful and unique as indoor cushions. With a Sunbrella lounge set, both the frame and upholstery are weather-resistant. As a result, you don’t have to worry about discoloration, mold or rotting due to a variety of weather conditions. You are guaranteed carefree enjoyment and years of pleasure.


There are several advantages to choosing a Sunbrella lounge set. Listed are the following:

– Permeable fabric
Sunbrella fabric is known as a water-permeable fabric. This means that water runs directly through the fabric. In combination with the inner lining of Quick Dry Foam this ensures that the fabric ventilates itself quickly. So wet cushions after a rain are a thing of the past because it dries quickly.

– Dirt repellent effect
Sunbrella fabric is not only water-permeable but also dirt-repellent. A protective coating layer fully protects the fabric from dirt and stains. This also makes cleaning the fabric easy.

– Soft, comfortable fabric
With many exterior coverings, the fabric quickly feels uncomfortable. This is because the main emphasis is on protection. With Sunbrella fabric, this is not the case. In fact, in production, a lot of attention is also paid to quality. As a result, cushions made of Sunbrella fabric therefore feel soft and comfortable and do not sweat on the legs.

– Colorfast
Sunbrella fabric is not only resistant to adverse weather conditions. Even many hours of sunshine do not affect the fabric. So you don’t have to worry about discoloration from UV radiation. You can even clean the fabric with chlorine.


In addition to several advantages, there are some minor drawbacks to Sunbrella fabric. We summarize these below:

– Special inner lining is necessary
If you choose Sunbrella, it is important that the cushions are filled with Quick Dry Foam. This foam is the best, fastest drying solution when combined with Sunbrella fabrics. If you do not opt for this, your foam can fill up with water and after a while it will still become a large sponge. If you choose this option, the big advantage is that your lounge set will be dry again in no time after a rain shower.

– More expensive variant
A final disadvantage of a Sunbrella lounge set is that they are generally more expensive. In return, however, the lifespan of the lounge set is a lot longer than with ordinary lounge sets. So you can decide what you prefer: a lounge set that is a bit more expensive in terms of price, but will last a long time. Or a lounge set that is cheaper to purchase, but will need replacement after a few seasons.

All weather lounge set

The Sunbrella lounge sets we make are also called all-weather lounge sets. This means that the lounge sets can withstand all types of weather. Whether it rains for days at a stretch or is just lovely weather with lots of sunshine, your lounge set will not be affected. At Outdoor Lifestyle we use aluminum when designing all of our lounge sets. This rock-solid base never rots or rusts unlike many other frames. The aluminum frame, like the Sunbrella fabric, is water-permeable so there is no chance of mold or rust.

Various colors and designs

The many modifications and requirements to create an all-weather fabric often leave few fun, unique colors and designs for upholstery. With Sunbrella fabric, fortunately, this is not the case. At Outdoor Lifestyle, you can choose from as many as 300 different colors and prints. As a result, there is something fun for everyone. Also, we have in their range many other brands of outdoor fabrics.

Create your own unique Sunbrella lounge set

Also excited about Sunbrella lounge sets? Then you are more than welcome at Outdoor Lifestyle. We sell exclusive lounge sets made up of different modules. Each of these modules can be taken off separately, allowing you to put together your own original Sunbrella lounge set. Want to know what the options are for a Sunbrella lounge set at Outdoor Lifestyle? Then make an appointment soon or visit our showroom. We are happy to prepare a customized quote that includes all of your requirements.

sunbrella-loungeset Lounge set for sale in Curacao in sunbrella wet dark taupe

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