The All-weather Outdoor Lounge Set can be outside all year round, not only the outdoor sofa itself, but the cushions as well. This means you never have to drag and drop cushions again and your guests can quickly sit back and relax on the lounge set even after heavy raining. The outdoor sofa is a real eye-catcher on every terrace and is exclusively designed, produced and supplied by Outdoor Lifestyle in the Netherlands.



Outdoor Lifestyle is the pioneer in the field of innovative outdoor furniture and exclusive lounge sets. The lounge set can be left outside every season and is made of the most durable and weatherproof materials. Including the use of Sunbrella® fabric, Quick Dry Foam and a very strong aluminum frame. The indestructible Sunbrella® fabric is easy to maintain and because the covers can simply be washed in the washing machine, cleaning your outdoor sofa has never been easier! A glass of wine or grease stains from the BBQ are no longer a problem.


Outdoor Lifestyle sofas have proven for many seasons that they can stay outside by using a special kind of foam. The difference with imitation outdoor sofas is that they are made of a certain type of foam, which can’t dissipate the moisture properly and doesn’t let the sofas breathe. The result is a ‘rotting’ and ‘smelly’ sofa. Sunbrella® fabric, on the other hand, is water-repellent, stain-resistant, UV-resistant and above all environmentally friendly. Equipped with a breathable acrylic coating, so that the water ‘rolls’ over the fabric, water resistance at its finest! Protected against sun, wind and rain!


All our All-weather outdoor sofas are equipped with adjustable patio legs and completely to your liking to put together. A choice of more than 300(!) Sunbrella® colors. Because the complete production takes place in the Netherlands, the sofas can often be delivered within 2 weeks.


As described before, you can choose from up to 300(!) different colors and prints of the Sunbrella® fabric. Because the sofa is a module system, you can create all desired configurations and you are not stuck to a specific setup. You can choose from the following modules:

– Chaise longue

– Intermediate piece

– Corner module

– Large pouf

– Small pouf

– Loose cushions

– Lounger


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