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exclusive luxury garden furniture outdoor lifestyle

Specialist in exclusive lounge sets since 2006

For more than 17 years Outdoor Lifestyle has been a prominent supplier to anyone who chooses the very best in all-weather lounge sets. Our exclusive sofas are manufactured in the Netherlands, have hard-wearing frames and are made of the highest quality and colorfast fabrics available. Dive into our history and discover which steps have created a brand that did not yet exist in the Netherlands: Outdoor Lifestyle.

From inspiration to ideas

Years ago, founder Manon, along with her husband, were on a search for the ideal lounge set for the garden. A number of points were strongly relevant to this:

  • They wanted a deep seat for their long, Dutch legs
  • The covers had to be stain-resistant and retain their beautiful color
  • The lounge set had to be fully weatherproof because of the Dutch climate
  • The cushions must be able to lie in the rain and dry extremely quickly
  • Fabrics should be soft and pleasant to the touch, so no plastic look & feel

In addition, Manon also wanted to be sure that the sofa would be rock solid and resistant to stains. Friends over for drinks, an extended BBQ with the whole family or a romantic evening for two. They wanted to make sure the lounge set could withstand wine stains, marinade and crumbs. But leaves, branches and other dirt from the air were also not allowed to affect the cushions, upholstery and appearance of the sofa.

The salesman in question blinked his eyes several times and then the high word came out, somewhat stammering, “Sorry, but this bank doesn’t exist! Manon didn’t let her say that twice. “That bank will get there. And soon!”

exclusive luxury garden furniture outdoor lifestyle

”Need inspiration? Explore the different styles in our portfolio full of Lounge Sets.”

Luxury outdoor lounge set

Develop & realize

In 2006, the design process began and we left for China to have plastic wicker furniture made. The quality was okay by Chinese standards, but not by our standard. Our goal was to develop sofas that would normally be in the living room, but for outdoors. This again proved impossible.

The highest quality and most durable materials, that is crucial for our lounge sets. Beautiful fabrics that never fade, last for years and feel silky smooth. The foam should also be sublime, not retain moisture and always sit wonderfully. All this had to be molded into an indestructible structure. That became a super strong aluminum frame as the foundation for all Outdoor Lifestyle’s outdoor benches. For all these reasons, it was high time to bring full production to the Netherlands. And with success. So the trend of bringing “inside” outside has started at Outdoor Lifestyle and we are proud of it!

Quality, service and a decades warranty

We work with two close-knit family businesses and use only durable, high-quality materials. In the unlikely event that something is not right? Then we solve that, without hassle. Our warranty period is also extremely durable. The water-permeable, aluminum frame has a whopping 10-year warranty and the Sunbrella fabrics 5 years.

Luxury outdoor lounge set
Luxury outdoor lounge set

Handcrafted upholstery with attention to detail

Our upholsterer also specializes in excellence. We work with a family business that has been the trusted address for handcrafted upholstery for four generations. Using modern techniques, they upholster our all-weather lounge sets with manual precision. We are proud of that!

Our benefits at a glance

  • Sturdy aluminum frame with 10-year warranty
  • Colorfast, stain-resistant Sunbrella® fabrics with a 5-year warranty
  • Sunbrella® covers are machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Quick Dry Foam; quick-drying foam that does not retain moisture/water
  • Suitable for being outside 365 days a year.
  • Available in more than 800 colors
  • From design to production, our sofas are 100% Dutch
  • Adjustable legs
  • Delivery is possible including winter covers

Made with passion and pride.

Manon Idema,

Owner Outdoor Lifestyle

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