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Droomloungeset zelf samenstellen

The weather will hopefully get nice and warm again in our little country. Time to make the most of the sunshine in the garden. How can that be without a luxurious lounge set where you can unwind? In this blog, we will work together to create an ideal spot in your garden. A place where you can retreat and host friends and family.

Creating the ideal spot in your garden

When choosing the right spot in the garden for a lounge set, we look at a number of factors: sun, wind and space. We start with space. It should be large enough to accommodate a group of people, but the place should also not be too big. Too large a space can prevent the room from feeling cozy and warm. Do you have several areas in the garden where a patio could be? Then we will look together at the effect of the sun and wind.

A lounge set in the south

Most people choose a south-facing terrace. A south-facing terrace receives sun for most of the day. Ideal if you love to spend an afternoon and early evening in the sun. The disadvantage of a south-facing garden is that it can often be a bit chilly in the morning. The sun will not have had a chance to warm up the terrace by then. Also pay attention when summer gets really hot. That’s also when it can get so hot that it’s almost impossible to sit on the lounge set. However, you can solve this with an umbrella.

A lounge set in the north

Do you prefer to sit in the shade rather than the sun? Then a north-facing lounge set is for you during a summer day. Surrounded by trees and houses, the spot in your garden has plenty of shade.

A lounge set in the east

Are you an early riser? With an east-facing terrace, you can enjoy the first rays of the sun in the morning. The sun rises in the east, allowing you to enjoy the sun in the morning and recharge for a work day.

A lounge set in the west

With a west-facing lounge set, you have to consider the wind, Apart from the fact that it is usually a bit colder here. When you are hosting a dinner party in the evening or afternoon, you obviously don’t want to be rushing through the garden looking for napkins and dinnerware flying around. Also, winds from the west tend to be stronger and include strong gusts. Perhaps your garden has enough protection from the wind. Otherwise, you might want to move your lounge set to the southwest. As a result, you are not in the full wind and can enjoy a few rays of sunshine.

Benefits of outdoor lifestyle

✔️ The lounge sets can be left outside all year round
✔️ The aluminum frame cannot rust or rot!
✔️ Water-permeable cushions, so mold doesn’t stand a chance
✔️ Cleaning and maintenance is easy and quick THE LOUNGESETS CAN STAY OUTSIDE ALL YEAR THE ALUMINIUM FRAME CANNOT rust or rot WATER-permeable cushions, so mold doesn’t stand a chance

assemble with the modular system

Now that you have determined the location of your lounge set, let’s move on to the arrangement of your lounge set. With our modular system, really anything is possible. The perfect arrangement for you depends on size and personal preferences for types of sofas and chairs. Do you prefer a lovely lounge sofa, a lounger or a nice easy chair? The furniture is the foundation of your lounge area. Check out what the options are below.

Picking out colors and prints

At Outdoor Lifestyle, you can choose from many types of fabrics of the highest quality. The perfect combination of color, design, texture and the best quality gives your lounge set an exclusive look. We are happy to help you put together the right combination that suits your garden and your taste. The fabrics you can choose from are the best available in Europe. Below is a small selection of fabrics you could choose from.

All weather lounge set assembly

All of our lounge sets are weatherproof. Even if it rains for 365 days or the sun shines brightly all year. The lounge set will retain the same color and will not rot or mold. More about our all weather lounge sets can be found here.

More information?

Are you interested in an all-weather lounge set? Then contact us without obligation for a customized quote. In addition, you are welcome to visit our showroom where you can put together and try out your own all-weather lounge set.

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