How do you choose the perfect lounge set?


Are you looking for the perfect lounge set for the nice weather, but not sure what to look for? In this blog, you will read what to look for when buying a lounge set. Create your relaxation corner for a luxurious living room feel. In this blog, you will read how to find a suitable lounge set and what to look out for.

Consider the area of your garden

A lounge set often takes up some space in your garden. It is therefore important that you choose in advance a corner where you want to place the lounge set. Then measure the angle and write the measurements on a piece of paper. You can even draw a floor plan to see what kind of lounge set you like best. Also, count how many seats you can accommodate, this can be useful to indicate to a sales associate so that your needs can be better considered.

See what suits your style

The best part, of course, is when the style of your home extends to the garden as well. Opt for a sleek black and white style or go for an eye-catching pop of color, the choice is yours. A quiet color lounge set you can decorate with striking pillows and a striking color lounge set you can again combine with quiet colors. Outdoor Lifestyle has several models to match all kinds of styles. Do you like to stretch out on the couch in the garden? Then a corner sofa can be very nice. We recommend a normal lounge sofa if you like to be in company and don’t lie down very often.


Depending on what look you want, there are different materials to choose from. All of Outdoor Lifestyle’s lounge sets are made of aluminum from the ground up. The biggest differences are in price and shelf life. Do you choose an aluminum lounge set? These are extremely strong and have a long life. In addition, aluminum has a modern look. So durable, luxurious appearance and quality! Do you choose wood? This material has a natural look and is a lot cheaper. On the other hand, wood has a shorter lifespan. Outdoor Lifestyle’s lounge sets are Weatherproof which means they can be outside all year, will not rust or rot and it is easy to maintain.

Sunbrella fabric gray

By using a quick dry foam, a lounge set dries faster than any other material. This is because the foam type cannot hold water and so it is drained away directly. Combine this material with Sunbrella® fabrics and you can plop down on your lounge set right after a rain shower. Enjoy 365 days a year!

Visit a showroom

Get your bearings and visit a showroom. Seeing the options in person will give you a better idea of what you like and which lounge set fits your needs. Our showroom is open daily Monday through Sunday by appointment. We are here to help you choose the perfect lounge set!


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