Buying a new lounge set? This is what you need to pay attention to!


The sun is showing itself again, time to enjoy it to the fullest in your own garden. A beautiful lounge set cannot be missing then, of course. Don’t have one yet? Then this is the perfect time to delve into the various options. We give you some helpful tips in your search for the perfect lounge set in this blog.

Determine the function of your lounge set

When looking for a new lounge set, it is important to consider what the function of your lounge set should be. Want a lounge set to relax in? Then a low lounge set is the best (and most popular) option. These lounge sets tend to be more robust, with a low bench and table. As such, these sets are perfect for having drinks with friends or hanging out. If you like to dine elaborately in the garden, then it is better to choose a lounge dining set. In fact, this one has a higher table and chairs with higher legs.

Choose the right format

It is important to first carefully consider the available space you have. How big is your garden and how much space do you need. Consider the minimum number of seats you want. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to measure the available space. In addition, you often have the choice of fixed sets or modular sets. Modular sets consist of individual elements that you can place independently of each other. Incredibly useful when you have a small patio and need to use the available space efficiently.

Look at the material and matching maintenance

Lounge sets can be found in many different types. So it is important to look carefully at the material and the various options. Of course, the material should be a good fit for your needs and priorities. For example, if you are looking for a low-maintenance lounge set, plastic, outdoor textile or aluminum is the perfect solution. This is because these materials are weather-resistant and durable. Wooden furniture, on the other hand, requires a lot of maintenance but therefore retains its original texture and color. It is also important to consider the material of the upholstery and cushions. Sunbrella then comes highly recommended here. This fabric is water-repellent and stains can be removed effortlessly, convenient right?

Fabric sunbrella

Quality over quantity

Of course, it’s easy to say that you should always choose quality, but sometimes the budget may not reflect this. Still, it is important to choose a good value for money. Of course, you don’t buy a lounge set for one year, but preferably for 7 or 8. It is therefore good to keep that in mind. Now a 200 euro lounge set may look like a very nice deal, but of course, it is not that simple. Garden furniture should be seen as an investment that you want to enjoy for years to come, so always think carefully about the value for money of the lounge sets.

Choose your own style

All the tips above go along with your own tastes, requirements, and expectations. For example, what kind of lounge set best suits your living style and taste. An aluminum set looks great in a modern garden, but a wooden set again looks great in a classic garden. In addition, what you want to use the lounge set for is important. Purely for the family, or just for long summer evenings with friends. A lounge set is a multipurpose piece of furniture that works for everyone. Therefore, there are numerous things to think about before you actually make a purchase.

Test your lounge set

A lounge set is a hefty investment. Therefore, it is very important that it meets all your requirements and needs. In addition, of course, it should be comfortable. Therefore, it is good when you can start testing the lounge set. This way, you get a good sense of the look and feel of the lounge set and you can immediately test whether it is really comfortable. In addition, you will immediately know if the upholstery and frame fit what you had in mind. Especially with pricey lounge sets, it is recommended to test them first, this way you can avoid a lot of disappointment.

Outdoor lifestyle

Are you interested in an all-weather lounge set? If so, please contact us without obligation for a customized quote. In addition, you are of course welcome to visit our showroom where you can put together and try out your own lounge set.


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