How do you protect an outdoor lounge set?


A lounge set, of course, is made to stand outside. With an aluminum frame, they do not rust and can often take a beating. They are therefore tested in the Dutch weather and often a lounge set does last a long time, provided you are careful with it, of course! In fact, there are a number of tips and tricks to make the lifespan of your garden set as long as possible. And have no fear, we don’t mean moving your entire garden set to the shed! Read on soon to see what you can do to protect your garden furniture.

Protecting your lounge set in the winter

Protective cover for your garden set

Perhaps the most obvious, but buy a custom-made protective cover specifically for your garden set. This is because a cover ensures that your lounge sofa or garden set is protected from weather conditions as well as dirt, insects, and other critters. In the winter it can freeze which can cause parts of your garden set to freeze and eventually crack. Very wasteful and preventable. We recommend that decorative cushions not be kept under the protective cover but stored somewhere moisture-free, this keeps the possibility of mold small! For example, you can also purchase a pillow box.
Tip: Make sure the highest point is in the middle, so water can run off easily.

protect outdoor lounge set


Is the winter season right around the corner? Then it is smart to thoroughly clean your garden set. Did you know that special cleaning products have also been developed for this purpose? These are non-aggressive and often include UV protection. A quick polish before it goes under the protective cover and it will save you a lot of cleaning work when it needs to come out again. In addition, before using the protective cover, clean it first. You do this by wetting it and washing it with mild soap, drying it by hanging it outside.

Protecting lounge furniture in the summer

Prevent discoloration of your garden furniture

Lounging on your lounge sofa in full sun. Who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately, sunlight is not always good for the color of your lounge sofa. The discoloration is likely unless you have Sunbrella fabric. In fact, this fabric has UV-resistant components that protect against discoloration caused by weather conditions. So no worries! Don’t have a Sunbrella fabric? Then put your cushions inside when you are not using the garden set. That way you avoid leaving them in the sun all day and enjoy them longer.

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