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Luxury Garden Furniture

Give your patio or garden a unique look with Outdoor Lifestyle’s luxury garden furniture. We offer exclusive garden furniture with unique designs where high quality is assured. Looking for the perfect garden furniture to create a place to host your friends and family for years to come? Then choose one of our luxury garden furniture.

Luxury garden furniture

What Is Luxury Garden Furniture?

A luxury garden furniture sits, feels, looks and is of better quality than a standard lounge set from, for example, the Leen Bakker. The difference is in the use of materials. For example, we use an aluminum frame instead of wood or plastic. We upholster the cushions with one of the most durable fabrics combined with an inner filling of Quick Dry Foam. You can also completely design your garden set according to your own taste.

what is luxury garden furniture
Design your original garden set

Design Your
Original Garden Set

Our specialty is the design of exclusive garden furniture. Are you looking for a real eye-catcher, a modern design or rather a classic print? Then you have plenty of choice at Outdoor Lifestyle. Choose from as many as 300 different Sunbrella prints and colors.

Determine The Layout Of Your Garden Set

Our modular system allows you to determine the arrangement of your garden set. For example, choose a corner sofa set, a luxurious chair or a recliner. Thus, you can provide any space with a modern garden set. We are happy to help you design your set that perfectly fits your garden.

what is luxury garden furniture

Clad With
Sunbrella Fabric

For our luxury garden sets, we upholster the cushions with Sunbrella fabric. A quality and weather-resistant fabric with many advantages. This way, the garden furniture can always be left outside and you don’t have to constantly monitor the weather.

The benefits at a glance:
– The fabric is resistant to all weather conditions
– The fabric is water and dirt repellent
– The fabric does not discolor due to UV rays
– The fabric is easy to maintain
– 5-year warranty on color fastness

upholstered in sunbrella fabric
strong aluminum frame

Strong Aluminum

For all our garden sets we use an aluminum frame as a basis. A rock-solid base that is lightweight and cannot rust or rot. Unlike many other frames made of wood and plastic. Our frames are made in the Netherlands, so we deliver the benches quickly and you can put together your own garden furniture.

Quick And Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your luxury garden furniture is quickly done and very easy. You can simply wipe away most stains because the fabric is water and dirt repellent. Do this with clean water and a soft brush. For stubborn stains, you can also use bleach or chlorine without affecting the fabric. Finally, you can also clean the Sunbrella fabric in the washing machine. Do this with cold water (around 30°) and on the fine wash setting.

quick and easy maintenance

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